At Ryffine, we offer a wide range of services related to structured content development and management. We want to help you breathe new life into your organization without sacrificing innovation for budget.



Identify the skills, processes, technology, and organizational structures you need to improve to realize your content strategy.

Ryffine believes that the best use of your resources at the early stage of a significant transformation is to define and communicate the strategy. Intentional, comprehensive due diligence increases the likelihood of success and mitigates the risks as you roll out your new approach to content. The Ryffine gap analysis is a two-day interactive strategic planning session where we help you create a vision for high-quality, customer-focused documentation, training, and support content, delivered to customers in modern, innovative ways and according to best practices.

  • A one-day discovery session, or gap analysis, to capture current state and future requirements more clearly
  • A one-day tactical planning session to define a roadmap for bridging the gap

Sample Ryffine deliverables:

  • A written project roadmap, based on the on-site planning session, that details the most efficient way to get from
  • your current state to the desired future state
  • Alternative roadmaps based on existing constraints
  • A stakeholder presentation outlining the changes your team is undergoing, the benefits to customers, the business, and the stakeholder communities, the impact on the stakeholders, and a discussion and request for support


Have the answers to your executives' questions and determine your content strategy's ROI.


Transforming your content strategy into money is an essential task for getting a green light. Ryffine has consultants who have been in your shoes, putting together proposals for organizational change combining training, technology, and processes, and navigating the path to executive approval. Take advantage of our years of experience in estimating costs and benefits to help you determine the ROI of your initiative and develop a business case for it.

Sample Ryffine deliverables

A business case presentation clarifying the goals of your project, enumerating the costs and benefits of each phase, identifying risks, and quantifying the ROI.

A project ROI spreadsheet estimating the net present value (NPV) of your project from inception to three years after its implementation.



Set the right expectations for phases, activities, resources, dependencies, effort, and time.


Getting from Point A to Point B takes more than entries in a project planning file. Building off a gap analysis or previous planning sessions, Ryffine works with you to:

  • Plan the roadmap of activities to move you from your current state to your future state
  • Identify the available resources (skills, technology, and processes) needed to deliver the solutions defined in the roadmap
  • Estimate the effort and duration of individual activities
  • Estimate the costs associated with activities
  • Define dependencies and milestones


Learn the skills to make your content strategy real. Train your team in all aspects of content strategy, authoring, and delivery.


Ryffine provides the most in-depth training in the business. We offer pre-defined courses and bespoke workshops that help you acquire new skills, polish existing ones, and re-train where necessary to modernize your approach to content.

All of our instructors are also hands-on practitioners, and among the top of their field. So whether you're looking to learn the fundamentals of minimalism, structured authoring, information modeling and DITA, advanced DITA and XML, XSLT, the DITA-OT, and dynamic publishing, or a combination, we have the experience, materials, and teaching skills to guide you to success.

Sample Ryffine training:

  • Minimalism
  • Structured Authoring
  • Information Modeling for DITA
  • DITA-OT Publishing


Design and adopt the best framework for your enterprise.


An information model, particularly one that represents a structured, intelligent content environment, is necessary as you transition away from outdated authoring and publishing environments.

Ryffine's experienced consultants help you develop a state-of-the-art information model, whether a first release or an update to take advantage of the latest refinement of standards and technology. We'll work with you to ensure your information model results in content that is consistently structured, metadata-rich, and modular -- all important qualities for delivering modern, personalized, and dynamic content.

A typical engagement is in three parts:

  • A brief content analysis, conducted by Ryffine, to examine your current information assets and practices
  • A face-to-face Information Modeling training and working session to educate and engage your team in the development of your information model
  • A series of information model development sprints to iterate key segments of your information model

Sample Ryffine deliverables

  • A first release of a formal Information Model document
  • Templates for DITA topics and maps that conform to your information model
  • A constrained DITA shell that reflects your information model


Provide your customers with state-of-the-art content delivery.


Ryffine develops high-quality, modern, and flexible transformations that assemble your content into customer-facing deliverables styled according to your corporate standards in all languages.

We work with you and your team to update or redesign your outputs. We also have the best-in-the business capability of integrating into dynamic delivery platforms that serve up customized, just-in-time content to your customers.

Ryffine's approach ensures you can:

  • Update and consolidate all current output capabilities into the new environment.
  • Account for all current variants including:
    • Output types
    • Page dimensions
    • Layouts
    • Styles
    • Branding
    • Languages
  • Build modularly for future by adhering to standards for:
    • Maintainability
    • Scalability/extensibility
    • Portability


Choose the right solution for your enterprise and roll it out successfully.


In the technology acquisition phase, Ryffine guides you as you evaluate and select the best technical solution to support development, management, and delivery of your content. We'll work with you to:

  • Define solution requirements/options to help identify the proper tools for your specific needs
  • Engage with potential tools vendors based on established requirements, and prepare a plan for evaluating options
  • Assist you in identifying appropriate qualitative and quantitative data by which to select the appropriate solution

Sample Ryffine deliverables

  • A client-specific Tools Requirements Document that can be delivered to the chosen vendor field
  • A written strategic plan for engaging, evaluating, and selecting the proper products from the previously identified vendor field
  • A test plan for selecting a solution, and final recommendation for the solution


Have your existing content ready in your new environment on day one.


Ryffine ensures your move to a new structured authoring environment is a smooth one. We draw on years of experience to work with you in determining the content that is best suited for migration, what should be left behind, and what needs to be re-written to better suit customer needs.

We don't just blindly migrate content. We work with you to ensure you're getting content that meets your needs and expectations. Ryffine helps you realize the opportunities in the migration process to standardize your content and accelerate adoption of your new environment.

We'll take the content as far as you need, following this general process:

  • Information Architecture
  • Vanilla DITA
  • Constrained DITA
  • Templated DITA
  • Metadata
  • Reuse
  • Mass Migration
  • CMS Import

Sample Ryffine deliverables

  • A migration readiness assessment
  • Proof-of-concept migration of a small sample set
  • Iterative drops of migrated content for review and refinement
  • Mass-migrated content imported into the CMS of your choice


Partner with your stakeholders to ensure success.


Ryffine encourages you to actively manage the changes necessitated by your content management strategy. Not only do we have the experience to advise you as a client, our team has literally been in your shoes, delivering content strategy projects from inside successful global companies.

We work with you to ensure you align the aims of your strategy with the needs of the people and organizations doing the work. We'll help you communicate with your stakeholders to keep everyone working toward the common goal

Ryffine understands that you'll need to wear many different hats and coordinate with a vast array of stakeholders to get their consent and cooperation, and we'll be with you every step of the way.